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    Question ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(serverID) gives AccesViolationExeption

    ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(serverID) gives AccesViolationExeption after moving to higher TS3-Api version


    i have an issue with the command “ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(serverI D);” after I moved from version to It throws the error “AccesViolationExeption” after I replaced the old .dll files with the new ones (see attachment). In the documentation are no changes to see for implementation for this function.

    /* Flush above two changes to server */
                error = ts3server.ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(serverID);
                if (error != Voice_Net_Server.ts3_classes.public_errors.ERROR_ok)
                    app_classes.optical_data.command_cache_log_public += "Error flushing server variables: " + error + ".\n";
           [DllImport("ts3server_win64.dll", EntryPoint = "ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable")]
            public static extern uint ts3server_flushVirtualServerVariable(uint64 serverID);
    Can anyone help me, why I get this error with the new version? When I use the dll’s of the old version it works great, but I want to use the newest version for improvement reasons.
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    So there is no hope? Do we have to stick with
    That's pretty sad, that there is no higher working version for C# development.
    I hope it get fixed in the future.

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    I think you use our old c# wrapper.

    One different between and is, that we added new callbacks. You must update your callback structure.

    Unfortunately, we do not have a new version of the c# wrapper.



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