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    pc crashes while gaming with ts running

    First post here so go easy

    The problem I have is that ts causes my pc to crash while gaming, I can play games for hours without ts running and theres no problems, generally BF4 and BLOPS3. When TS is running I get BSOD at random times ranging from 15 mins to about an hour. TS is up to date running on and the rest of my pc is up to date as well. I have also disabled all add ons within TS

    my specs are

    crosshair V formula Z
    nvidea gfx 760
    200gig SSD
    1kw psu
    16 gig ram
    water cooled

    I cannot stress enough that i only crash when ts is running, otherwise i am fine

    all help appriciated

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    You may read the message in the BSOD and update your drivers and if needed bios.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dante696 View Post
    You may read the message in the BSOD and update your drivers and if needed bios.
    I have already updated the bios and every driver, but it still crashes

    i cant find the post bsod

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    A BSOD must not be caused by any application. If it is, it is a driver issue or hardware failure.

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