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    Query: Access to default group is forbidden.

    Dear TeamSpeak community,

    I've recently been working with the TeamSpeak server query and I'm running into quite some trouble when I'm trying to use this query:
    servergroupclientlist sgid=37 -names
    Basically what I want is to look for the group with ID 37 (The default server group) and then I want it to return the nicknames, problem is that instead of getting nicknames and what back, I'm getting this error back:
    [2564]access to default group is forbidden
    It's weird considering that the query account has been generated by a server admin (with all possible permissions).
    It'd be really appreciated if any of you knew how to deal with this and explain it to me, I'd be all ears!



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    Everyone that has no other group is considered a member of that group without being explicitly assigned that group. Technically the default group never has any members, as such you cannot query the names of people in it.
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