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    Steam integration [Node.js]

    Hello everyone,

    I've launched an open source project on GitHub which allows server administrators to automatically get their new TeamSpeak users verified (it will link Steam accounts to TeamSpeak accounts).

    As soon as your app is running with steam-ts your Steam bot will automatically log into Steam and into your TeamSpeak query server and start listening to !verify commands in the Steam chat. When someone writes !verify to the Steambot, it will prompt the user to give their TeamSpeak username which they are currently recognized by on the given TeamSpeak server and it will also warn them that they have to be connected to the TeamSpeak server during the process. When the given username was correct it will poke the TeamSpeak client under that username with a randomly generated string and it will tell the user to send that string to the Steambot through the Steam chat. When the bot has successfully compared the both strings it will write to a file called verified.json. This json file contains an array called users wherein each object represents a verified user.

    For more information about it visit it on GitHub:

    The link between TeamSpeak accounts and Steam accounts lead to a tremendous amount of possibilities, such as:
    - Checking if a user is in a certain Steam group so you can give them a special rank
    - Automatically banning users from TeamSpeak when they got banned from a source server
    - Syncing source server ranks with TeamSpeak ranks
    - and many more!

    If you got any questions about this project or have suggestions or possibly want me to write you custom Nodejs programs you can contact me on Steam

    Last project update committed on 15/12/16. This project is still actively being developed. Your feedback and reports of possible bugs and issues are worth more than gold at the moment! I am currently in need of someone who can write plugins for games based on the Source engine, so that we can allow for perfect integration. E.g if you get banned on a tf2 or csgo server you get banned from the TeamSpeak server as well.

    The admin panel looks something along the lines of this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Capture.PNG 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Captureasfd.PNG 
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ID:	14101

    Update 1.2.1.c on 14-03-2016 21:28
    - Fixed a few bugs including the serverchannel.js bug.

    Update 1.2.2 on 15-03-2016 23:59
    - Fixed a few major bugs which would basically make the app unusable.. sorry ^^;

    Update 1.2.2b on 16-03-2016 18:44
    - Log messages are now a bit more user friendly.
    - Steam levels now get stored in the memory of the application, so people cannot indirectly spam Steam anymore through your bot.
    - Improved code readability.
    - Several performance increases (usage of more synchronous functions).

    Update 1.2.3 on 20-03-2016 13:03
    - Fixed "TypeError: Cannot read property 'querytime' of undefined"

    Update 1.2.3b on 22-03-2016 15:54
    - Fixed a callback being called twice for the same async function by replacing the on method of the two event emitters 'error' and 'loggedOn' for Steam to once.

    Update 1.2.3c on 23-03-2016 11:40
    - Fixed bug where the bot wouldn't reconnect to Steam anymore after Steam went down for maintenance.

    Update 1.2.4 on 09-04-2016 23:38
    - Removed the wantedrankid value from the config.json. Anyone can get verified now as long as they do not have the wantedrankid group.
    - The bot will now reconnect to the TeamSpeak server after it goes down.
    - Added multi-group support, people with multiple groups assigned to them can now use !verify as well.

    Update 1.2.5c on 12-5-2016 0:32
    - Error messages no longer display [Object Object] but an actual useful message.
    - The silly message stating one should use !retry has been replaced.
    - Added a new IMPORTANT notice to the file.
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