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    Server has been shut down

    |TS|GMcFarlane logged in to my server last night and stated that he was with teamspeak usa. he me and the people on my server that he was shutting down my server because i didn't renew my npl. when i checked my NPL in the log it says my npl is good till 6/2016 but after |TS|GMcFarlane logged off and then my server shut down and i cant get it to stay up. Who is |TS|GMcFarlane and does he really work for TS and if so why would he shut down my server when my NPL is good till 6/2016? can some one please help with this PLEASE.????

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    TeamSpeak co-worker do not join server without a request and i don't think anyone of us uses TS in their name.
    And we do not shutdown any server. It's all done via acounting server and you would see that there is something with your license.

    I guess someone got access to your ServerQuery or the root server itself.
    Could also wrong set permissions for normal groups, so that they are able to use the ServerQuery and perform the shutdown.

    Enable ServerQuery loggin in your server and then read the log next time.

    Alss make sure you are running server
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