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    DDoS Sent by using TS3 Port

    It's my first time here, so I'll try to be as clear as possible.
    I'm having some issues with my server.
    I've been using TS3 on it for over 1 year, and all went fine though.
    Just for fun, I went searching my server on - which is currently one of the most important blacklists report website - and I found that my server (dedicated one from OVH network) was reported multiple times (37) for send ddos attacks.
    All ddos attacks reported were coming from the TS3 Server port, in my case it was 9982/udp.
    The attacks were udp and tcp, all to strange ports with (probably) no service listening on.

    Last report was sent on 2016-02-21, and my server version is currently
    How can I save my a** from this?
    Thanks in advance.

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    TCP from a TeamSpeak port? That doesn't make any sense.

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    Ignore it

    Someone probably spoofed your server IP and ports.

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