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    Blocked Ignore Permission Modify Power and Server Query permissions

    Ok, so I am the "IT" guy for a gaming community I am part of and we recently bought a dedicated server and put a new TeamSpeak on it. I wasn't the one who set up this TeamSpeak on the dedicated server as our one other IT guy did that for me while I was away. He gave me the default server admin, and when I went to look at the permissions I found that Ignore Permission Modify Power as well as all the Global and some of the Virtual Server permissions. I asked the guy who set it up, and he said he had the same exact permissions as me.

    So my question here is, is there a way I can enable these permissions using Server Query or some other magical way? And also, why is it that these permissions are disabled by default, since we're not using a provider and are on our own dedicated server? Do we need to get a license?

    Sorry for my confusing story and all the questions, if you need me to clarify on anything feel free to ask. It would be nice to have these permissions though, as I like to have full control of our server, especially with the Ignore Permission Modify Power, as it allows me to clean up messes people make with permissions.

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    Don't assign b_permission_modify_power_ignore to a non "ServerQuery Admin group".
    We do not give support for this. This one of the actions who can destroy whole server.
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