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    67 retrieves only "TS" if run from cronjob

    Hey guys,

    i used the file from here several times, including via a timed cronjob.

    Since some weeks now the cronjob which calls the file, retrieves only one line with the content: (ts3_snapshot_X.txt)
    The process itself returns:
    Invalid number of lines from snapshot retrieval, aborting
    View X/ts3_snapshot_X.txt for details
    If i run the ./ file manually, the process to retrieve the snapshot takes some time but it works as expected.
    For me it seems like the cronjob is retrieving the snapshot, but abortes due to some time it takes - could this be possible?

    Nothing changed since the script worked via a cronjob, expect the size of the TeamSpeak 3 Database.

    Greetings, FireEmerald

    ps.: The cronjob doesn't call the file directly, it calls a script which calls the file:
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    October 2010


    Update: Tested some changes but nothing worked.
    Yesterday i reverted all changes in the script itself and just edited the time when the script is executed from 3:00 to 4:00. Now the pullsnapshot script executed as expected - no idea why. Seems like something else must go on at 3:00 with the server/ts3server itself.

    Greetings, FireEmerald

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