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    Looking for a SIP Client


    I have searched the net but I did not find a real solution.
    My problem is that most of my friends are using the TS client but one of my friends denies to buy a headset and install the TS client.

    But I am owning a "AVM Fritzbox 7490" (DSL modem/router) that can register software SIP clients as normal phones. I can answer calls to my landline number by using "Phoner Lite". So my idea is that this one friend calls my telephone number and a "SIP/TS client" answers this calls and redirects them to my TS server.

    This sounds simple. The only necessary features must be:

    1) Register as SIP-Client to my FritzBox
    2) Register as TS Client to my TS server
    3) Convert audio codecs and redirect the voice between these two systems

    There is no need for other TS features like chat or file transfer.

    Is there any working solution?

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    No there isn't and there can't be either, because number 2 on your list is not possible / allowed. We do not provide any means for any third party application to connect to a regular TeamSpeak server.
    If anything like that exists, or is going to exist in the future, that is not released and signed by us then that's most definitely a copyright violation.

    It could be done with your own client / server implementation using our SDK, but then you won't be able to use regular servers / regular clients as SDK servers / clients cannot communicate with their official release counterparts.
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