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    [Request] Bot edits channel to show current time


    Do you by chance know some plugin / bot that automatically edit rooms in TeamSpeak 3 ? Type , seen in a ts3 a bot edit a group of channels with the local time, found it very interesting and I was looking for , but did not think anything about it. I await answer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr_JOey View Post
    How do I flood my chat with "channel has been edited" messages?
    This has been discussed already and was deemed entirely useless.

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    TS3 Customs - Bot Clock // Channel numbering


    My friends and me searching for scripts and addons to TS3 servers.
    And/Or others can check this Thread too so we can help others to find this 2 awsone plugin/script.

    So, i looked for plugins when i saw a pucture, with a "live"-clock made out of 3-5 channels and i trying to find it with small amount of sucess.

    The other one is the channel numbering.
    A huge amount of work to do when you have a large TS3 server.
    And, i also have a bot for deleting inactive channals. So its really needed for me.

    If anyone have this 2 plugin, or just find it, i can say him a big "Thak You!".

    Also, if i find them, i'll post the links below.

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