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    After Channel creating & restart virtual server id increments

    i developed a tool ("TS3 Channel Structure Creator")(google it and you will find it on
    but i am testing on a local windows server,
    after i let the tool process channelcreate and restart the server
    all channels lost. and i should enter a new privilege key. i looked in files/ and there are virtualserver_1-5 and in the database file also servers but they aren't "used".

    only if i let my tool runover the server the server creates after a restart a new
    my tool outputs that
    =>start Edit
    =>adding perm. channel cid=18
    =>creating temp channel cid=18
    =>editing virtualserver properties
    =>adding perm. channel cid=19
    =>adding perm. channel cid=20
    =>adding perm. channel cid=21
    =>adding perm. channel cid=22
    =>adding perm. channel cid=23
    =>adding perm. channel cid=24
    =>deleting temp channel cid=18

    the reason for a restart is because, if i restart my tool/putty/whatever it will give me nothing out with "serverlist"
    like the server no more exists.

    hope u can help me.

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    Here is a guess , your post does not give details about what commands you use

    - Your channels are not permanent
    - Your terminal where server is running on does close at the end. This will shutdown the server.

    I don't understand follwing
    1. "And i should enter a new privilege key"
    ---> Why should you when the Key was used before? The Dialog comes as long the key wasn't used andn o new key will be generated after server restart

    2. i looked in files/ and there are virtualserver_1-5 and in the database file also servers but they aren't "used".
    --->> What has this to do with your problem? The folders are generated when you create server 2, 4, 5,6 etc.
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