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    Bug with latest windows update

    Teamspeak seems to cause a conflict with KB3139907 and KB3140743. Everytime i have teamspeak open and i turn off my xbox one controller that is connected via wireless adapter, it will cause the PC's mouse to lag and make a beeping noise. Doesn't happen without teamspeak.

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    What you did report and what i see in this other forum sounds like a Windows bug where we can not do anything.
    I can imagine why this appears, we read all devices, when a new device was added / removed or when the hoktey system was changed.
    You could try to change the hotkey mode to "Mouse and Keyboard" under Settings -> Options -> Hotkeys toa avoid that problem.

    I can't retest it. my Windows 10 Pro (10586.104) does not offer these updates + i can not install them, when i try manually
    Windows Home (10586.104) in my VM get's the update, maybe I can test it here, but results with USB devices may vary from real hardware.

    //Edit 2
    Nothing does lag or sends a beep in my virtual machine.

    I inform the devs about your problem, but I don't think we can do anything here against that.
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    Changing the hotkey option that you mentioned to "Keyboard and Mouse only" fixed the issue thus far. Hopefully Microsoft fixes it on their end, and since you guys are Teamspeak, one of the biggest platforms, i would highly suggest you contact Microsoft and make them aware of the issue.

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