so i was on a teamspeak server. and this one person got my info. it ranged from my emails(which all but one were correct) passwords(again they were all old passwords but still) real name, and my league of legends account information such as login and pw(was a smurf(substitute account) so didnt really care about it) and i wanted to know from a hackers point of view if any are willing to be open about it.

how hard do you think someone was able to get all my stuff in a matter of maybe less than an hour. keep in mind the person wasn't a server admin at all so i think thats the only way to get someones ip. never clicked on any links so nothing is downloaded, i have a good virus protector,firewall protections so its not like i got literally hacked. but how do you think the person was able to get someones information like this. this is the second time ive seen it happen, once to some other stranger on the server and once to me now.

i didnt even talk to him, ocne i saw that he changed his name to my real name i just blocked him. knowing how he got my stuff was another buddy in the server was sending me stuff that he said. of course most of the stuff he got was legit since it was past info but i think he was holding back from sending all my real stuff. maybe just trying to scare me but its still weird how he got everything like that and i want to be able to understand to hope this doesnt happen to me in a later time.

so if you can please help out in just helping me understand how someone might have been able to get all that stuff. the way i see it was he probably was some kind of admin before and gave himself powers and unmodded himself while still having them. of course having a word wit the real server admin might be a solution to check his permissions and see if something is faulty inside. but thats my own guess.