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    Playback issue from time to time


    I have recently experienced a serious problem with my Teamspeak. Sometimes all sound from Teamspeak 3 goes through the mic and plays back to the ones in Teamspeak, so they hear themself. This only happens sometimes, with minutes or even hours of no problems between. It does not have to do with my headset, QPAD QH-90, since I had this problem with my previous headset as well. It only seems to happen with Teamspeak because it doesn't happen if I'm for example listening to music or watching YouTube. If I for example record my mic while talking and listening to music I can only hear myself while playing it back to me. I can see on "Recording Devices" in Windows that my mic is picking up sound from Teamspeak, and if I mute my mic in TS I hear that beeping noise telling me I'm talking with muted mic.

    My sound card is Sound Blaster Z if that's any help.

    I have been looking all over the internet but can't seem to find any solution.

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    Still need help

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