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    TS3Server don't load ts3server.ini

    Hello People,

    this is my first day in this forum.
    And i would like to say, sorry for my english.
    It has the quality of my 10th grade schoolyear and this was nearly 20 years ago.

    Now to my problem.
    Since i've updated my Teamspeak Server to the newest Version, i could not load my ts3server.ini.
    My Teamspeak Server runs on a Windows PC with Windows 7 64bit as OS and the server is only for me and
    my friends for LAN-Partys or Online Gaming without other choices off communication.

    I've donwloaded the lastest 64bit Version from and unzip it to a directory on my PC.
    Then i started Teamspeak with Administrator rights and the addition "createinifile=1".
    The ts3server.ini was created from ts3server.exe and now i changed the "voice_default_port" too one i wanted to use.
    I saved the ini file and started the Teamspeak Server with the addition "inifile=ts3server.ini".
    But the Server dont use the new Port i write in the ini, i only can connect with the standart port.

    I've an Backup from my old server, on it all function wihtout any problem, and i can change the "voice_default_port" to
    any port i wanted.

    Have any one of you an idea fpr a solution, i were very thankful.

    Have a nice day.

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    The server will create a voice server on the first launch, with the default port specified during that launch.
    Since you did launch the server once without specifying a default voice port, the default of 9987 was used to create the first virtual server.
    You then changed the default port to something else, but since there is a voice server already the server won't create another one.

    It has always been this way and nothing changed there. You will have to delete the database, so that the server will create a new voice server (with the new default port you specified in the ini, if you specify to load the ini file), or delete the voice server already there using the query interface and then create a new voice server using the query.

    The default_voice_port parameter is only ever used for new voice servers. Existing servers won't be changed and never have been.
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    Thank you very much.
    Now all runs perfect.

    I've unzip Teamspeak3 to my direction and then i started it drom the first with the addition "inifile=ts3server.ini"

    Have a nice day.

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