Hi all, (i use traductor.. im spanish and my english is bad...)

I am trying to create my company dedicated to selling Internet services, and one of them will be the TeamSpeak.

I have already created some servers unlicensed for personal use with friends and offered free.
Now I want to take one more step and I would like to sell these services. i had in mind to create a couple of servers payment licenses, and through the web to sell rooms with agreed eslots.
I wish my servers were possibly the most professional, the problem is that i never used the querry... (but i can see tutorials)

What I'd really like to know, is the amount of resources they consume these installed on a Linux server without GUI servers (ie amount of RAM memory and number of CPUs that consume a single server, this being full "x people connected "or empty)

If possible, I would also like to recommend a plugin because I know that exist for this type of server.

If i had a website with a cpanel, from which you could get buying a room with "x" slots, which would be the code you need to automatically create the room (with your password and number of slots maximum) in the server? It requires a plugin to be installed on the server? If so, what would?

There a way to automate server backups ??