I've been searching Google all over for this issue but I can't find anyone with a similar issue... I have been using TeamSpeak for years on a daily basis and it's been absolutely perfect for me. Lately however, I keep getting disconnects. They are "silent" disconnects. I'm having the issue daily now when I'm playing The Division with my brother on the same connection. We will be in the channel talking to eachother when all of a sudden it seems very quiet. Everyone can still hear me, but I can't hear anyone else. Their chat bulb will light up but I won't hear any sounds.

If I then restart TS3, I cannot reconnect to the server I was on. Even if I connect to any other server from the server list, I won't hear any sounds (normally the program says "server connected"). I have to reboot my PC in order to get any sounds back from TS3. But then when I try to go back to my usual TS3 server that I use, I get an error while trying to connect.

I hope that I described my issue clear enough for you guys, I'm really hoping to solve this issue.