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    Astro a40s Get Earing piercingly loud

    Whenever i test my mic on teamspeak when it hits +10 or higher it gets extremely loud and echoes, watching streams of people on twitch that have the same mic(while talking to teammates in teamspeak3) they do not have this issue!
    it seems to get very sensitive!

    Why do i?

    current capture settings

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    The LED meter showing the decibels is maybe a little visually misleading.
    +10dB or higher is simply a situation to avoid at all costs.
    The reason being, that the audio samples being waves digitally are represented in a range, e.g. -1 to +1.
    With the audio being too hot, samples would start to get out of range (digital distortion), like 1.1 or -2.0.
    That's easy to protect against to test those values and make sure every sample > 1 will be 1, every < -1 will be -1.
    This however causes the samples to get more and more squashed at the loudest points, leading in effect to dynamic range compression, which intensifies the perception of the sound becoming louder above 0dB.

    You need to get to a point where when you talk loud you don't get over, say, +6dB.

    Measurements to get there:
    Prefered: In your operating system, adjust the microphone level to be a little lower (note that Skype plays around with that level if auto-blabla is enabled in it's options), ideally the mic boost if it doesn't get too quiet by doing so.
    Alternative: Automatic Voice Gain control in the capture settings to a certain degree, however it cannot undo distortion that occured before in the OS.

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