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    Unity Package 3.0.3: Debugging sample app causes hang

    Exact behaviour varies a little but:

    Using Windows 10, Unity 5.3.3p3 and Teamspeak unity package

    1. Create a new Unity project
    2. Import Teamspeak package
    3. Open Assets/Teamspeak/Example/exampleScene
    4. Fix main camera rect width by setting it to one
    5. Disable TeamSpeakAndroidEventHandler
    6. Set server address: removed, password empty...
    6. Ensure Visual Studio set as debugger (edit->preferences->External Tools)
    7. Select Assets->Open C# Project
    8. Open TeamSpeakExample (in VS)
    9. Put breakpoint on Start() function
    10. Run app
    11. When debugger breaks, hit continue

    Note Unity hangs and app never runs.

    If debugger is not attached then app seems to run ok.
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    We cannot reproduce that behavior by following the outlined steps.
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    Unity Editor Hangs or Audio Still Running

    Hi, Im using the TeamSpeak_SDK_3.0.3.2_2016_07_28_Unity5.unitypacka ge in Unity version 5.4.0f2 (64 bit) Personal on a Windows 10 Machine.

    And I'm having similar results with the Team Speak SDK, the way my game is setup now I only initialize a Team Speak connection when a multiplayer game starts. If i press "play" in the editor and stop it before that happens the editor closes everything and is as stable as Unity usually is. But if i get to the point where a TS connection was initialized and i was speaking with another player, the audio and microphone works without issue, and i can stop the running editor. But as soon as i stop it it will return to the design mode and after that any action will cause a crash in the Editor.

    That didn't happen before using the Team Speak plugin. I also sometimes observed that even after stopping the game in the editor, the microphone stays open and its like the plugin is still running. I have logs when a player talks and i can see the logs in the Unity console even when the game was stopped.

    The crash is pretty much 100% reproducible in my case, and i have a couple teammates working with me and they have the same issue, it always crashes after running it one time.

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