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    Teamspeak Server does not update properly


    So I have this problem that my TeamSpeak server does not update properly.
    Originally i thought that I knew how to update the server, just unpack the new server version in the directory of the old server. However after I start the server back up I am still on version 3.7.1 even though it should be 3.9.1 (well, at least that's what it shows in the client).
    In the end I looked it up and did it exactly like this: removed link with illegal content

    So my questions now are:
    Is it actually not updating properly?
    Is it just some database error and I shouldn't worry?
    Am I doing something wrong?

    My theory is that it is actually updating the server, however somehow doesn't update the server version number. Because it does override the files (at least it doesn't give me an error) and i wouldn't want to trust that because something is obviously going wrong.
    I could theoretically create a copy with yatqa however that would mess up all my ids and I would have to redo my bots - I don't want to do that though

    I am running this server on Deban9 64bit.
    This server has been running for about 5 years now and is still using the same sqlite file so maybe that is a problem? That it is just too big a verison difference? (I'm not a 100% sure on that though)

    Hope you guys can help me out here!

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