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    Command Line parameters, launch options, ...


    I was searching for a list of possible command line launch parameters for the .exe

    Background behind it:
    I want to create several shortcuts to the teamspeak.exe and give each of them individual server- and channels that I join automatically.
    I know that I can use the favorites and set channels to join on connect etc but that is not 100% fitting to my needs.

    I'm currently using
    "D:\Programme\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win32.exe" ts3server://[IP:PORT]?channel="[CHANNELNAME]"
    and it works so far. Now I'm explicitly looking for the parameter to set my username there as well.
    I already tried
    "D:\Programme\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win32.exe" ts3server://[IP:PORT]?channel="[CHANNELNAME]"?username="[NAME]" but only thing that happened was that I connected on the desired server but not in the desired channel without the desired name.
    Is there a full documentation of all possible launch parameters available?


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    This worked fine for me (a bookmark for that address did exist in client config already, but with different nickname).
    "C:\Program Files (x86)\TeamSpeak 3 Client\ts3client_win32.exe" ts3server://
    There is no list for the client paramters (89% of them are for testing only so no need to post them to public)

    Why do you use the parameter instead of using bookmarks?
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    &nickname instead of ?username .. sometimes the solution can be so easy thanks!

    But now I'm confronted with another sub-problem:
    My nickname on one server contains a # (for the Blizzard tag) but when I use it in the launch parameter everything behind the # gets cut off.

    &nickname="test | stevie#1234"
    results in being connected as "test | stevie".

    Is this a teamspeak related issue? And if so, is there a way around it? I can use the # character just fine, when I manually connect with bookmarks.
    If there is no way around it or if it is a general windows related issue, it is completely fine for me and I just have to deal with it.

    I'm using both, bookmarks and the launch parameters, depending on the individual situation and the bookmarks and specific connect and join options are definitely good and useful.
    But sometimes I want to connect to a server instantly when I start TS, sometimes in this and sometimes in that channel and sometimes I dont even want to connect to that server on TS start. These individual situations create several impossible or conflicting combinations of the "connect to server on TS start" and "join to channel" options.
    And furthermore my PC is not the youngest and fastest anymore and there can be some situations where I would have to wait some seconds for TS to start until I can manually connect to a server but I don't have the time to wait because I have to alt+tab back into my game
    So it's just my own little problem which probably no one else will ever have. Definitely no big mainstream problem.

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    As first to mention, this character is a special character for urls, so it may be parsed the wrong way for this situation.

    Also as a test, i have tested it with an escaped version for urls, but also with not the result as expected by you. So this has to be investigated by TS3 development.

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