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    Teamspeak 3 database

    Hi, I'm new with teamspeak. I mean, I have never been working with teamspeak servers except just talking on it. I'm a web developer and I want to make a website with information of my teamspeak server such as client information, avatar, username or even chanel where the client is on TS3 and more if possible and I know it is possible. I just want to ask where can I find database where the all information are stored or let me know what I should know ;D. My teamspeak server is runing on linux same as web server. I would like to also use phpmyadmin if possible. Sorry for my bax explanation of what I want ;d but I think you know what I mean ;D Also I'm sorry about my english.

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    Use the server query interface. That way it won't really matter where the server runs, you get up to date information and it is supported.

    Accessing the database directly is not supported!
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