Running Ts3 client
Windows 10

I have been running TS3 for awhile now with no problems, but then our group had to switch to a new TS server. Upon switching, the client would show only the people in the channel that I was currently joined to -- no other channel would show logged in users. I thought it was permissions but the admin said the perms were the same as the old server and apparently others had the same issue. A complete uninstall of TS3 client AND removal of settings, then re-install and complete reconfig fixed the problem - until today. I have the same issue back again and cannot believe this would require a complete uninstall to make it work again.

Is there some setting that causes only the currently logged in channel to show the users - I could not find such a setting. And if there were one, why suddenly would it change? I'm perplexed and hoping for some rational explanation.