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    TeamSpeak client does not run

    Dear Sirs,

    Iīve got a little problem with my TeamSpeak3 client. Whenever I try to run it, through the exe file, as administrator, or at the end of the installation ("run teamspeak3" choice) nothing happens. Windows seems to be loading for a second (rotating blue ring), but then nothing happens, teamspeak isnīt in task manager nor on bottom tray. Iīve tried to find a solution, but they said to delete config folder, or folder in %userdata%, but I donīt have neither one of these folders...

    Itīs fresh installation, never been installed before. Iīve tried to reinstall it several times, also to different folders, partitions, but it didnīt help.
    I am using laptop (windows 7) with an external monitor, but laptop display is turned off.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Try updating Win7 to Service Pack 1 if it isn't already.

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