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    Failed to connect to all TS server what i tried

    Hy everyone,

    Got a log in problem at 16.03.2016. to every TS server what i was useing. Before this date, i had randomly apired lag spikes (pack loss went up to 50%+) I saw some post about the problem but they are old and no solution at all.

    If i am able to log in on TS, they can not hear me, 99% or times i can not see all the chanels, can not switch chanel at all, and when i check my connection info on my client adress and pack loss data is just "Retreiving" msg only, and bit later connection lost.
    Tried to find out the prob with my NET Provider but got no solution, and they said try to contact with TS Tech support...

    Any idea what is going on, what can be the problem? For anyone else who i know the servers are work fine without any problem.
    If i connect to those servers with VPN connection i can connect and no problem, did not DC me, but ms is so high cause of VPN connection, and it not gona be the solution for me.

    I hope, someone else was in the same shoes like me now, and alredy found out the problem. At last 8 years never had any problem with TS like this.

    Best regards,

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    Bump... :-/

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