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    TeamSpeak - Mouse and Keyboard Crash / Force Closing Games

    The TeamSpeak client is not working properly with Windows 10 and Controllers/Mouse/Keyboards. The service works great until we start up a game and then the mouse will lag, be unresponsive, and then half my keyboard will not work. There is something conflicting with TS and our devices in which I have spent multiple weeks trying to resolve the issues.

    Windows support remoted into my PC and also determined this is not a windows issue as it is a TeamSpeak issue. Some mates on the server do not have issues, while others have issues like myself if they use a controller for some games. I have tested Mumble on a friends server and it works without issue.

    Mouse will move but cause beeping and cannot click or we receive more beeping.
    When a device disconnects mouse and keyboard screw up.
    Only some keys will work on keyboard.
    Force closing games
    If the Xbox One controller is disconnected Mouse and Keyboard beep upon touch

    ****If TeamSpeak is not opened, everything works as it normally would***

    Microsoft Support has determined the problem be within TeamSpeak and the event logs show issues.

    Thank you,
    Parker Wilson
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