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    How to install on Lubuntu

    Hello, Im running Lubuntu 64 Bit. i have downloaded the linux 32 TS3 client and i do not understand any of it.

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    Just teh same way as on every other desktop linux OS

    1. Give owner permissions to execute the installer
    chmod u+x ./TeamSpeak3-Client-linux.........
    2. Install the client
    ./TeamSpeak3-Client-linux .........
    3. Read the license agrrement that comes

    4. start the client via
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    If you also want to create desktop launcher for TS and you are on LXDE you need to run

    lxshortcut -o ~/Desktop/ts3client
    You can then edit properties and in line Command (right click the shortcut -> Properties -> Desktop Entry) you just provide full path to script that will run the client itself for you.

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