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    Port forwarding through 2 routers

    my Ethernet cable connects from 1 router into another then finally into my pc the reason for this is my workspace gets awful wifi but my second router enchances the wifi, i am wanting to port forward so i can host my own teamspeak 3 server, my first router is a virgin superhub router, when i port forward onto this router alone and remove the second belkin router out of it hosting a server works, but when i have the second router and have the ports forwarded the same on both routers i cant get it to let others connect, i am wondering if anyone has any ideas?

    my exact routers are:

    Virgin Media: SuperHub2
    Belkin F9K1102v1

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    Well, you should not really use two routers in router/NAT mode. The one that is connected to the internet should have the Wifi disabled and should be set to DMZ/Exposed Host/No NAT mode with the second router's IP address as the target. Please see both your routers manuals for more details.

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    Or the second router should be configured as simple Access Point.

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