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    Allowing multiple users on single laptop with 2-4 USB headsets

    Hey guys,

    I am trying to create a game for some kids to play so that they can learn more about my company.

    We would like kids between a wall to talk to each other via a headset that has a mic on it.

    Our ideal solution would be to have 2-4 USB headsets connected to a single USB Hub that is connected to a laptop. Then having a package like Teamspeak to allow them to talk to each other. I was wondering if that's possible or if there is a way of doing this?

    Thanks very much for your help with this!


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    Create 2 or 3 more palyback and capture profiles and the n setup each device for all existing profiles.
    Now make 2 or 3 copoes of your bookmark.
    Press the more button and the nsetup the different profiles to each bookmark.
    Now connect with each bookmark and all should use different audio devices.

    But controlling the client will be a mess, when different users use the same client at the same time.
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