I use Turtle Beach Earforce PX22 Headset.
It comes with a 3.5 jack (which are the speakers) and an usb plug (microphone).
Whenever i choose to use the USB Output (Turtle BEach PX22) (like it is intendet to), the mic starts to capture all the talking coming from the chat partners, activating my voice activation detection and causing echo for them.

How is this possible when all the options of the sound devices are set properly (no "listening to other devices" active)?

In TS3:
Output device is Speakers (Turtle Beach PX22)
Capture Device is Microphone (Turtle Beach PX22)

In the systems sound option its the same. I have the additional option to choose Speakers: Turtle Beach PX22 as standard communications device, but in both cases the bug is present.
I tried all for weeks.

I use win 10. It occured after i left a game, suddenly all my friends heared themselves talk through my voice activation.

Anyone knows this error?
Thanks in advance,