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    Complaints after "attacker" disconnected

    Hello TeamSpeak community,

    On our ts3 server we recently had a client repeatedly stalking one of our members and we were trying to ban said client.

    Sadly we were able to do so just because this client made the mistake to connect to the server while an admin was online and we were not able to ban him the past 4 days.
    Mainly because his identity was not visible to admin clients because of him being in the default server group.

    I told the "victim" to leave a complaint about him to save the identity of said client in order to allow me to ban him.

    But he/she was not able to do so because the attacker was disconnecting too fast for him/her to send a complaint via the complaint function.

    My suggestion is now:

    A possibility to create a complaint against already disconnected clients. -> Make banning clients in default group after disconnection easier.
    (Of course a better method might exist too, this is just what came to my mind when thinking about how such cases could be solved easier)

    Happy eastern from Germany,

    - Mark

    PS: I know searching the database (file) is an option, but this is not "easy" or "fast" this is advanced and requires knowledge of mysql or similar.

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    Adding a complaint after a user is offline just not possible how the system currently works.
    We will not touch the complaint system as long there is not a bug that needs to be fixed.

    To get the ID just click and hold the nickname in server tree or chat. Then drop that nickname into your chat console.
    This will generate a client url including his clid, UID, nickname.
    Name:  get uid from offline user.png
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