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Thread: Help with DNS

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    Help with DNS

    Hey guys,

    I have a teamspeak server with this ip: I also have a domain: I want to connect to my teamspeak server with So I added an A record and a srv in my dns but the srv doesn't work. I can connect with but not without the port.

    This is my dns setup:
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    I don't know if it matters, but at the end of your srv entry name, there is a "." (dot) at the end of the "", while for every other entry there is no dot at the end of the names. Depending on how your dns configuration panel works, that might be an issue for it. I mean the data in the "Naam" field, not in the "value" field. The data in the "value" field is allowed to end in a dot.

    And there is a "priority" value of 10 in that entry. But you already gave 2 additional values in addition to the port in the value field. Either don't provide a priority in the srv entry or leave out the extra priority number in the value field, i. e. use only "5 9993" instead of "0 5 9993" The panel does not seem to fully support entering the distinct values for a srv entry, so you have to experiment a bit or look for a working example who uses the same control panel.

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    Well, the data field MUST technically end on a dot. However, as we can see for the default MX records, there are no such dots. Therefore, the web interface (like most web interfaces) omit that fact to make it easier to understand for people with less tech knowledge. Therefore, you should remove the dots in both input boxes.

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    Both fields are allowed to end in a dot, meaning a fully qualified name.
    The INTERPRETATION of dotless labels is what up to the panel behavior.
    I would say, that the given setup would never work to begin with, following normal translation rules.
    But without seeing AXFR dump it is hard to draw any conclusions.

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