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    Set different default group and make group permanent

    I have tried searching and i know the information is on here i am just unable to find it. I need assistance with two things:

    1. How do i make a different group other than server admins the default signon group?
    2. i screwed up and made the normal usergroup a temporary group how do i make it permanent?

    Links will work fine so as not to reinvent things..i am still searching as well..TIA.

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    Just as a forword reagrdng to your double thread
    The default server and channel group can not be a permanent group.
    The permsission b_group_is_permanent andn all users from that group will be removed from the server, when you set a group as default.

    1. Set the target server group in your server settings under the Misc tab.

    2. Set another group as target and then add the permission b_group_is_permanent back into the group.
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