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    Audio cuts off after hitting "ok" on a certain tab related to my headset.

    Hello, today I got the absolute weirdest problem.

    If I'm connected to a server and I go to my "Enhancements" tab and then click "ok" (Without touching anything) the audio will completely cut off and also any youtube video / twitch stream that was on would freeze. The only ways I found to fix it is by either unplugging and plugging the headset cable (and then refreshing the video / steam) or by simply exiting teamspeak. This only happens when teamspeak is open.

    This is the tab (Playback devices -> Right click on my headset):

    I tried clicking on General, Advanced, Levels, and then pressing "ok" but nothing happened. It only happens if I click on Enhancements. (Nothing happens if hit cancel)

    The headset I'm using is the hyperx cloud II

    This is the most frustrating problem I came across, I have no idea what to do. I can't even google that ><


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    Any messages in the client log?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosound View Post
    Any messages in the client log?
    After pressing ok I get 2 errors

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