First: Im sorry if a thread if this already exist but i couldnt find it then. I found sofar on 3hours research only 2 people with my problem and their solves did not work for me.

My Problem: When im on a Teamspeak Server, all other sounds are muted. If i start music, open a video, start a game, just anything with sound dont have sound, but if someone in the same channel give an input (for me output) the sound appears (On few games only if i reactivate it in that moment +2sec). I already know the issue, its my 5.1 G430 Logitech Headset and probably a compability issue.

Just in hand: I dont can do anything in Soundsettings, tried it, wont help and i know my stuff :x
The problem only appears when i have Ts3 open and im on a server, when i start the game befor i start ts3 there is sound- if i start ts3 first and then the game/vid/music no sound until i get sound in teamspeak (other people, mic test in settings)

Sorry for my bad gramma/english/writing whatev.

Would be nice if someone can help by that (never encounter this kind of problem befor/new pc ^^)