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    Teamspeak kills my keyboard once I connect to a server.

    Hi all,
    This is a new issue. It started when I connected my keyboard to a KVM switch. All works as intended until I log into my guild's server using TS3. As soon as I do, my keyboard cuts out. The keyboard is unresponsive in the TeamSpeak client and everywhere else on my computer. It remains unresponsive when I log out of the server and until I shut down TeamSpeak completely. Once TS3 is closed down, the keyboard starts working again.

    I am at a loss and google couldn't help. I am hoping you can.

    If it helps, I am already running TS3 as an administrator and the keyboard is a basic Microsoft USB model.


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    Resolved. I am not sure what the fix was. I reinstalled all drivers for my KVM switch, moved the USBs to different ports, set TS to run as admin and restarted. Something did it!

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