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    switch channel via ts3server://


    Is there any possability to switch channels with the command "ts3server:// ", without reconnection to the server?
    I want to switch from my current channel in another. From any channel to channelid: 84.
    When I used the command ts3server:// , I canīt connect to the server because only one connection at the same time is allowed, because everytime I used this command a new tab opened.
    I want that no new tab will be opened and only that my current channel will be changed
    Hopefully you can help me.
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    This is not possible with any parameter.

    But you can use
    1. Hotkeys to switch to target or next or previous channel
    2. the Build in ClientQuery plugin and the command clientmove to move yourself into a channel.

    help clientmove
    Usage: clientmove cid={channelID} [cpw={channelPassword}] clid={clientID}...
    Moves one or more clients specified with clid to the channel with ID cid. If
    the target channel has a password, it needs to be specified with cpw. If the
    channel has no password, the parameter can be omitted.
       clientmove cid=3 clid=5|clid=6
       error id=0 msg=ok
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