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    How can I restrict a user to switch server groups to a specific one.

    I'm trying to make a "Muted" server group.

    My Problems:

    When I set someone to Muted, he can still switch back to normal.

    When he is Normal he can still switch back to Muted.

    I made a ''Premium'' server group for people who donates, but Members can switch to it, and Premiums can switch themselves back to Member.(Including the Muted server group)

    I also made some Titlegame groups so people can show off the games they like, but whenever I try something so Members and Premiums cant switch to Muted, they also can't switch to those titlegames ( )

    I'm really confused on what to do, I even took forever to make this :S

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    Check that needed member add power is higher as other groups member add power to get this solved.
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