Hello teamspeak!

I have a problem.. For some weeks now my Teamspeak has been disconnecting me on and off. Sometimes I can be online for 3 hours without anything happening - Then it disconnects me (could also be every 30 minute).
In the start it was w/e - But now I'm getting really annoyed by it.

I have read a lot of threads with people who have the same problem, but their solutions didn't work for me (Flush DNS, open firewall for Teamspeak, trying to write the IP instead of the server-name and so on).

The weird thing is that sometimes when I disconnect, I can reconnect 5 seconds after (its trying to reconnect every second).
Other times it wont reconnect at all (30 seconds+) and then I need to open a new tab and connect to the server (then its fine until it does it again) and then close the reconnecting window.

Is there any way that someone can help me?

Thanks! - Daniel