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    While teamspeak is running my complete audio stutters, but only on my headset

    As said in the title, while teamspeak is running my audio from other things like youtube or spotify or laggy, they just sound like shit. So the wohle pc sound is bugged, but only for my headset not for my display for example.

    Specs: Logitech G430, Windows 10, Teamspeak latest Version

    If you need more informations just tell me which

    Hope you are able to help me

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    Tell us which client version is this.
    Are you using the usb soundcard for this headset or the onboard soundcard?
    Is the latest driver installed for target device?
    Which audio playback do you use in the client settings?
    What is your CPU usage saying?
    Are latest updates installed?

    Note: There are known problems with Logitech G Headsets on Windows 10
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