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    Backup for bookmarks identity etc

    Hello everybody !

    First, excuse my bad english. I am french and english is my second languague !

    Today, i tried to instal a music bot for Teamspeak. But i failed and abandonned the idea ! In the process of trying, i installed a second Teamspeak that i launched with a "-nosingleinstance". But when i shut down all the teamspeak, i lost all my identity, config, bookmars, etc ....

    I found a "settings.db" file but i can't import it in the identity pannel of Teamspeak. You are my last resort ! Help me please ! I want to get back my bookmarks and identity at least >< !

    Thanks in advance !

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    What you have done is not supported from us.
    All parameters including "-nosingleinstance" are only for testing and not for normal use!

    Use a working backup of your client to get this sorted.

    Identities can only be imported, when you've exported them before. Whole files will not be accepted amd the settings.db does not store the identies anyways.
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    Hey ! Thx for your answer.

    I have resolved the problem atm ! I found, at an other place, settings.db and ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf . I took them and put it in the directory that my TS3 is using (I removed the others) !

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