I am hosting my own teamspeak server in my country, and I have noticed growth of people coming to the server, and have heard reports of friends not being able to connect to server because it is full. I was wondering, if it is possible to have more than 32 slots on server? I know non-profit license, but I am not qualifying for that (I do have domain and teamspeak server is under it), as I do not have such community page behind it.

I am not profiting, however, from this server, I am just hosting this for people to use and because I can run it aside with other things on my server. I use it to play with friends and want to be able to let other players use it freely aswell. I pay for it every month from my pocket and I am not even asking any donations to keep it up.

What should I do, as this chart (http://sales.teamspeakusa.com/licensing.php?page=choose) doesn't help either - it is personal use, but I DO NOT require MORE than 1 server, I just want to have ONE server with more than 32 slots, as the graph says I would have to answer NO to "Require more than 1 server with 32 slots", as I need only 1 server with more than 32 slots, and it says I wouldn't need any license.

I hope you guys won't be too hard bashing on me about asking this.