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    More slots on the TS server?

    I am hosting my own teamspeak server in my country, and I have noticed growth of people coming to the server, and have heard reports of friends not being able to connect to server because it is full. I was wondering, if it is possible to have more than 32 slots on server? I know non-profit license, but I am not qualifying for that (I do have domain and teamspeak server is under it), as I do not have such community page behind it.

    I am not profiting, however, from this server, I am just hosting this for people to use and because I can run it aside with other things on my server. I use it to play with friends and want to be able to let other players use it freely aswell. I pay for it every month from my pocket and I am not even asking any donations to keep it up.

    What should I do, as this chart ( doesn't help either - it is personal use, but I DO NOT require MORE than 1 server, I just want to have ONE server with more than 32 slots, as the graph says I would have to answer NO to "Require more than 1 server with 32 slots", as I need only 1 server with more than 32 slots, and it says I wouldn't need any license.

    I hope you guys won't be too hard bashing on me about asking this.

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    This describes what you described here in the thread. It describes hosting own server on own doamin.
    You must own a domain and static IP where the server is running on.
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    What you need is a AAL, if you do not host your server on a own domain with website (need content too).
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    Well, that seems like a bummer to me. Price is kinda high for something I can't get money back on and I don't want to ask anybody any money either so prob gonna have to leave the server as is. I've got website connected to the domain that is under the ts domain (runs on the same server), but it doesn't have any forum or such, because I find that there are already plenty of other forums under the same genre and I find it unneccessary thing to create.

    Anyways, thanks for answering.
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