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    Teamspeak 3 XInput Support?

    Would it be possible for Teamspeak to have XInput support in a future version? It appears that it is still using the DirectInput method (similar to other VOIP software) which caps at 10 buttons per device, and the DPad does not work properly. Mumble implemented this and it works without issue, but it still lacks SRV record support like TS3 has.

    You can also keep using DirectInput and recognize the DPad properly by reading it as a HAT as well. Although we will not get separate left/right top shoulder button support, no bottom button support, and the guide button will still not be available.
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    We do not use Direct Input. It was removed in client 3.0.13.
    We use Raw Input (if i remember right) when you select "Default" under Hotkeys.
    It's possible that we add Xinput future, but this is currently not on our To-do list.

    Your statement about what does not work isn't right if we talk about a Xbox/PS Controller or replicas:
    Your controller only offers 10 real Buttons.
    1. RawInput is not limited to 10 buttons. A joystick as exampe offers more thn 10 buttons and the client does recognize them.

    2. Your shoulder buttons (RT, LT, R2, L2) buttons are not recognized as buttons on Windows. They are recognized as the Z-Axis.
    This is the reason why this is no button for us.

    3. The D Pad is also no real named button for us
    ----> I don't think (I'm not 100% sure) that Xinput would chnage the behavior of the keys in our client.

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    For reading the data, RawInput should suffice, iirc XInput actually uses RawInput internally for that.
    Range-type controls could be "buttonized" using thresholds.
    XInput would afaict be attractive if a) there was no requirement for RawInput - that's not the case with TS as it's there for keyboard too or b) the desire for bidirectional communication, i.e. using rumble for sth.

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    Okay, thank you. Wasn't sure if anything was actually using rawinput directly nowadays. I will mess with it a bit more and see if I can get everything I want recognized.

    Well this is frustrating. Is there a way to have Teamspeak recognize an axis usage and assign a threshold for use to it? That seems to be why so many buttons (pseudo pressure sensitive axises) simply do not work as hotkeys. I've never programmed with XInput, so I do not know if it also exposes the DPad and Shoulder Buttons as axises as well, but Mumble works flawlessly with what I am trying to do.

    Using default as the hotkey api (so Rawinput,) and I assume the "Keyboard and Mouse" mode is Windows Message Loop.

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