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    Lookin for server/channel permissions/groups help please!

    I'm willing to pay a small fee, if needed, to have someone that REALLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING, help me out with setting up my permissions and channels.... I've been screwing with this for over 3 weeks and always end up screwing something up in the process...

    Anyone willing to help out?

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    Please ask a usefull question or tell us your problem(s) and describe or show us what help you need.
    And then anyone here on forum can help you.

    This forum is no market for "i will pay for help" topics.
    It's for i have problem with x , y and z can anyone help me to solve it?
    and you may use the forum search, nearly all questions have been answered several times.
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    Help With TFB TS3

    Hi all

    I am looking for some one to help me set up the permissions on TFB TS3 we`ve been at it for 8 months and keep running into trouble at some point. So I`d like to put this to bed. I am willing to pay some one for their time to do this as long as its all done and working as I am done with going over permissions and getting no where.

    if some one is willing to do this you can get me on steam mack221 or on this.

    thank you for your time


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    Looking for someone to setup a complex permissions

    I have a TS3 that we use for online gaming. I need someone to assist in setting up perms. We have a rank structure and with each rank structure, different perms will be needed. I have tried but seems i keep messing things up lol. Any help will be greatly appreciated....
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