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    How to restrict access to the Filebrowser so that only Channelmember can access

    Hi Community!

    Following Situation:
    normally the Access to the Filebrowser is forbidden everywhere on my Server, except one Channel (FileTranferChannel).
    All Other Channels have the Standard FileTransferPermission, in every Servergroup the permission for Filetransfer are -10.
    The FileTransferChannel got some Channelpermissions for Filetransfer.
    i_ft_file_upload_power -5
    i_ft_needed_file_upload_power -5
    i_ft_file_browse_power -5
    i_ft_needed_file_browse_power -5
    i_ft_quota_mb_upload_per_client 9999
    OK, so far. At the moment every User got the right to Upload stuff to this directory.

    How can i restrict the users that they can only upload and browse stuff when they are in this channel?

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    By not adding i_ft_file_upload_power -5 + i_ft_needed_file_upload_power -5 into the channel as permissions!
    And by not using negative values in needed browse power. This allows everyone anywhere by default to access this filebrowser!

    The permission i_ft_file_upload_power does not belong into the channel. It belongs to groups or clients.
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