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    Asign Severgroups ?

    Hey there TS3 Forum Users,
    iam currently trying to code a simple "admin plugin" for my server admins.
    We are having a lot of users and a "weird" permission system.
    Anyways, i have already done most of the work for plugin, like mass poke, kick, move, etc. ,
    but now it's getting tricky:
    I want the admins to be able to click on a channel and every single user in that channel who is a 'guest' gets the servergroup 'normal'.
    In the sdk manual i found nothing like that, but somehow it must be possible.. ?
    Thanks for help,
    Benjamin F.

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    You'll have to do that yourself, obviously that's something that very few people would ever possibly want to do and I really don't see a point for this, but it is possible:

    Get all clients in the respective channel, then get the server groups for each of them individually. Now you know what you need/want to know and can add all those that have Guest to the Normal group.

    Get all clients in channel: getChannelClientList
    Get Server Groups of CLient: getClientVariableAsString using CLIENT_SERVERGROUPS flag
    Add a client to a server group: requestServerGroupAddClient
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