Hello. I've been using ts3 for a while now and I ran into this problem back in winter time. It happened when I updated my client version to and on. The problem occurs every 1-3 minutes, as ts3 cuts people out for 5-10 seconds whenever someone is in the middle of talking. For about 5-10 seconds (varies), I cannot hear anyone, and they cannot hear me, but I am still connected to the server. After the 5-10 seconds are up, ts3 works fine until the next minute when this occurs again.
Example: (Me hearing another talk) So anyway, after I went to the store ----(Cuts out for 5-10 seconds)---- and I can tell you, It was kind of crazy.
I have tried multiple ways to fix this problem, running it as admin, reinstalling the client, and changing echo reduction settings.
Nothing worked other than me downgrading to an older version of teamspeak, only problem with that is that I cannot connect to many servers because many servers nowadays require an updated version of ts3. I've looked around in the forums only to find that nobody really has the same problem as I do (Not from what I have seen anyway).
If someone does have a possible fix, please post it here.