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    Black and white tray icon to better match Windows 8, Windows 10, KDE, OS X

    The latest couple versions of Windows, the latest version of the KDE Plasma desktop (5.x), and OS X all use black and white icons for their system tray (or menu bar in the case of OS X). TeamSpeak needs a tray icon to better fit here, as the blue orb sticks out next to the solid white icons that I'm currently looking at in Windows. Could be optional, of course, maybe defaulting to the current icon.

    Also as a side note, the "Mono" icon pack is incomplete, as while almost all the icons are some shade of blue, the Overwolf icon is still red, meaning there's two colors.

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    What you want can be done with an icon pack already.

    The icon pack is complete. The Overwolf icon wasn't touched from us.
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