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    Sound of others keeps decreasing randomly


    I've had a problem on TS3 for some times now, sound of others people goes low randomly and I pretty much can't hear them, I've tryed to change most of my settings on TS3 and even on my desktop, I also unchecked volume control on TS3, I even updated my sound drivers, nothing changed, it keeps shutting down others mic volume randomly for no reason.

    I've had this problem ONLY on TS3, I've been using others programs such as Mumble or Ventrilo and never had this problem, I'm just out of solutions right now which is why I'm posting here to find some help.

    If anyone has had this problem before or if someone knows the issue feel free to help me out on this one !

    Below is my settings ;

    Headset = Sennheiser G4ME Zero
    Motherboard = MSI Z87-G45 Gaming
    Audio = Realtek ALC 1150

    Thanks in advance !

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    Uncheck Options -> Capture -> Echo reduction if it's enabled, apply.

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